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Paul Levesque

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Talk about peer pressure. [25 Nov 2006|04:12am]
[ mood | amused ]

I'm not even going to go into the type of pressure that was put upon me to make this journal in an attempt to be able to keep up with everyone. Everyone that was typing away at this kind of annoyed me and I stole someone's laptop backstage, I won't get into whose it was and read one of their entries and I figured "well fuck I can be creative like that as well" so here I am.

Lets cover the basics just so everyone knows where I stand right now. Steph and I are no longer. We share a child and we share a friendship but other then that we don't have anything. Yes I had a great marriage with her and it has helped our friendship grow to a completely new level but she and I were not made for eachother like everyone has once thought and it's time to move on. She accepted it, I accepted it and now all we have in common is our daughter.

Aurora Rose actually turned four months old today. Steph came up with her to my folks place for thanksgiving just because we didn't want to break tradition or anything like that. We are both very strict when it comes to family. Nayssa couldn't stop holding her, treating her like a baby doll at all times while my sister and parents fussed over her. Steph left a little early of course not wanting to miss out completely on her families thanksgiving traditions and allowed me to keep Aurora for the night.

Survivor Series is Sunday and as usual I'm putting in overtime in the gym to work off the ten pounds I may have gained last night with my mom's cooking since she says I don't eat enough. If I wasn't that lazy I would have hauled my fat ass over to Shawn's and ate some of his momma's food as well since I know she loves when I come over to freeload and Shawn loves it as well, though he'll never admit to it. Shawn's still my best friend surprisingly enough and no I haven't gotten tired of his born again ways. Even if his preaching and lecturing about me saying certain things does tend to give me a headache sometimes.

Well that's enough blabbing for one night, ShawnOwnsHunter is where you can reach me and yes the 69 in the end is meant to be taken as a perversion.

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